Using Coconut Oil To Improve Sports Performance

Coconut oil is functional food because of its exquisite effect on human health and its nutritive values. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed these among other things related to coconut oil: it proved a fast source of energy, increases energy and endurance, improves physical and sports performance (one particular research confirmed that, under same amount of stress, glycogen consumption steadily decreased, thereby decreasing lactate production; subjects mainly used fatty acids for fueling), improves immunity, digestion and absorption of other nutritious matter such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids, protects the body from osteoporosis (which is especially important for athletes)…

In addition to these attributes, it also protects the body from free radicals and does not expend body’s antioxidant reserves like other oils do, improves usage of essential fatty acids and protects them from oxidation, contains less calories than other oils, accelerates weight reduction process by boosting basal metabolism, does not produce harmful byproduct when heated up or used in cooking like other oils do.

Most of the fatty acids contained in coconut oil are medium chain fatty acids, which even though are saturated have another way of being absorbed by the body. Instead of stocking up in fatty deposits, they immediately get converted into energy ready to be spent. Top world athletes regularly use medium chain fatty acids by consuming coconut oil or supplements with lauric acid.

It would be best to buy and use virgin coconut oil. If possible to get by, organic oil which comes from cold pressurization is what you want. You can easily estimate coconut oil’s quality by looking at it: it’s as clear as water when it’s exposed to high temperatures, while being thick and white when exposed to low temperatures. It’s best to be kept in a glass container and in a dark and cold environment.

Replace already existing fats in your diet with coconut oil (but leave olive oil and omega 3 capsules in). Recommended daily dose is two to three table spoons of oil along your regular meals.
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