Coconut Oil for Thyroid Problems

There has been a lot of talking recently about coconut oil being the best natural remedy for thyroid problems. Today, we will give you some insight into whether this is true or not.

One of tabloids this year has claimed that coconut is a miraculous cure which will alleviate all of your problems with thyroid gland. That’s obviously not true, but there is some connection between coconut oil and a healthy thyroid gland. Coconut has been used for many centuries and still is, not only in culinary, but medicinal purposes as well.

Coconut oil is saturated fat made of a chain of fatty acids which have been proved to accelerate metabolism and stimulate weight loss. Coconut oil can also increase body’s base temperature. It has a different way of being digested compared to other nutrients because it gets broken down far easier when it gets to the liver, which leads to greater production of energy and more efficient burning of fatty deposits.

One of the advantages of coconut oil is its greater lifetime. Many oils are quick to spoil. In order to prevent that, manufacturers treat them in order to postpone their expiration date. Those hydrogenised oils are harmful for the human body, and especially for the thyroid gland. On the other side, coconut oil is very durable and it doesn’t require harmful processes which would increase its lifetime.

Studies have shown that coconut oil improves body’s resistance to viruses, bacteria and fungal infections, especially those caused by candid, all because it contains boric acid. It’s a natural bacteria repellant and is very efficient in treating ulcers.

Some health benefits of coconut oil:

  • It controls gastric acids and maintains healthy bladder functions
  • It reduces risk of developing hemorrhoids
  • It treats gastrointestinal illnesses
  • It alleviates ear pain
  • It soothes symptoms of enlarged prostate
  • It compliments liver functions and maintains its health
  • It alleviates joint pain and muscle inflammations
Because of all these health benefits coconut is often found in cosmetic products. It nurtures and moisturizes the skin and can be used to massage hair roots and get rid of dandruff.

All of these benefits compliment coconut oil as one of the best natural remedies for thyroid problems. We advise you to implement it in your daily routine and you will certainly feel improvement in your overall health.
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