Pure Coconut Oil

Pure coconut oil is normally obtained from coconuts in the rural areas, far away from pollution and big cities. This is the first indication towards guaranteeing a 100% pure coconut oil.

One of the examples of production of the pure coconut oil is by the expeller-pressed method; a typical procedure that employs the usage of a mechanical extraction process. To guarantee that the output shall be 100% pure coconut oil, no solvent extracts such as hexane are used during the refining process.

The pure coconut oil has a very bland taste the reason being that it is normally steam deodorized. When it comes to serving the culinary needs, the pure coconut oil provides a very neutral and consistent flavor to foods.

In circumstances where the pure coconut oil does not have to undergo a rigorous process in pursuit of the expensive organic certification, it is much more affordable than other coconut oils sold as “organic” or “virgin,”.

The choice of place where the coconuts are sourced for the production of this pure coconut oil is also a critical factor to consider. As indicated earlier, most of the coconuts are derived from the rural areas for example; from the volcanic rich soil of Quezon Province in the Philippines.

Some manufacturers of the pure coconut oil have taken the initiative to ensure that they liaise with farmers from such remote areas, in order to guarantee an ample supply of organic certified coconuts. This will work to guarantee a stable supply of the exotic coconut variety, which will enhance the production of only the pure version of the coconut oil variety.

Pure coconut oil Benefits

There are a number of benefits to be derived from the pure coconut oil. Explained below is the crucial role that the pure coconut oil plays in the cosmetic and beauty arena:
  • Pure coconut oil does possess amazing deep moisturizing properties due to the amazing similarity of molecular structure to the skin own bio-support network.
  • Pure coconut oil does provide a rapidly hydrate condition which works to shield your skin and ultimately leads to prevention of moisture loss.
  • Pure coconut oil scores quite high in anti-aging; it contains the healing vitamins A, C and E – in the forms easily utilized by your skin.
  • Pure coconut oil has been proven to keep connective tissues strong and supple with sustained use.
  • Pure coconut oil contains natural anti-oxidants, which help your skin to repair and protect it from free radicals and other unfavorable environmental factors that lead to early aging.
  • Pure coconut oil is highly effective in helping to prevent liver spots and other blemishes caused by overexposure to sunlight, and the inevitable aging process.
  • Pure coconut oil contains fatty acids that help prevent fungal and bacterial infection in and on the skin, also decongesting pores
  • Pure coconut oil can be used to soothe and heal a myriad of skin irritations when applied topically.
  • When pure coconut oil is put to sustained use, over a period of time; it will work to improve the skins support network and healing processes thus keeping skin aging at bay.
  • Pure coconut oil makes for great massaging oil as well as your daily moisturizing product of choice.

Applications of pure coconut oil

Pure coconut oil acts as a deep-moisturizer, and the benefits that your body stands to gain are enormous. Explained below are some of the ways that you can put the pure coconut oil to good use, and the results will be there for all to see:

Application On Your Body: pure coconut oil is best put to use when it is directly applied on your body immediately after a shower or a bath when your skin is still moist. For best results, towel dry your body then rub a few drops of the pure coconut oil in your hands and massage all over. Repeat if necessary, especially on dry spots like elbows and legs. Massage gently until it is completely absorbed into the skin, which will feel smooth and silky. It is also an awesome massage oil which will rapidly nourish and hydrate your skin.

Pure coconut oil on your face: owing to its 100% natural content, pure coconut oil is safe to use on your face, especially in instances where your skin is dry or wrinkled. It has got quick absorbent capability and will keep your skin in hydrated form all day. It will also eliminate aging skin cells, and decongest pores to leave your face more youthful and healthy looking.

It is good for Your Hair: when pure coconut oil is applied generously all over your hair; especially if it is dry, dull or chemically damaged or chemically processed, pure coconut oil will relieve the symptoms of dry scalp and dandruff. It is advisable to leave it for as long as possible. Wash your hair with shampoo and rinse. The end result; your hair will become soft, full and bouncy and incredibly shiny.
Include pure coconut oil in your bath: Next time you contemplate taking a birth; pour a few drops of the pure coconut oil in warm water and enjoy this well-deserved pleasure. After you bathe, towel dry and massage the pure coconut oil all over your body while your skin is still warm and moist. The heat will help pure coconut oil soak right through and will bring amazingly deep-moisturizing benefits to your skin.
Apply pure coconut oil on your hands & feet: pure coconut oil can accord you a deep-moisturizing treatment for hands and feet. To experience this practically, take a warm hand or footbath to soften the skin, towel dry and apply pure coconut oil on your hands or feet. Massage until absorbed. For a deeper treatment cover hands with cotton gloves or feet with socks and leave on overnight.

Pure coconut oil extraction

There are several methods of pure coconut oil extraction. It is important to note that the processes of extraction will more than count, in the determination of a high quality output.
One of the most notable methods is the Direct Micro Expulsion (DME). This process yields pure coconut oil and keeps the coconuts original, valuable properties virtually intact without breaking down its beneficial components. The coconuts are cracked open and the fresh kernel is grated and cold pressed, within minutes the pure, coconut oil is released and bottled.

The pure  coconut oil is unrefined and retains the beneficial vitamins and nutrients missing from refined oils.

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