Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Cold pressed coconut oil is one whose manufacturing does not involve mechanical means or hot temperatures; an effort which serves to preserve the coconut oil’s original or natural healthy nutrients. Whenever coconut oil is obtained through a cold pressed method, the temperatures employed during the pressing process are always below 120ºF.

The types of coconut oil that are subjected to the cold pressing process in their manufacture include the virgin coconut oil and the organic coconut oil, the product of which scores quite highly in terms of quality.

The usage of cold pressed coconut oil can be both topical and internal. It is the excellent choice for cooking and baking requirements. It is also a great health supplement and a marvelous skin and hair product. Cold pressed coconut oil especially of the virgin and organic coconut oil category tends to be more expensive that ordinary refined oils. The price is basically worth it if the health benefits to be derived from it are anything to go by.

The making of the best quality coconut oil

Cold pressed coconut oil is of exceptional quality and its manufacturing process happens to be the key towards the attainment of this end. The biggest challenge that many makers of the coconut oil variety face to date, is how to do away with the microscopic proteins from this spectacular product.

Cold pressed coconut oil combines the process of cold pressing of freshly dried coconut meat with centrifugation, in order to eliminate all the traces of proteins from this amazing oil. A highlight of the process of coming up with a high quality cold pressed coconut oil is as follows:
  • The first step is the gathering of fresh coconuts, then scooping them and later grating them
  • What follows is the process of subjecting the grated coconuts into a process known as dehydration, bearing in mind that only low temperatures are applicable. The coconut is dried into fresh, crisp flakes.
  • The now dry flakes are then pressed to produce the best quality and tasty coconut oil, with all the nutritional ingredients and the coconut aroma intact.
  • This oil has some bit imperfections, due to the protein component still present in it. That is why it is even a bit cloudy in appearance. It is then subjected into a centrifugation process; the oil is placed into a centrifuge with the aim of spinning out the fine particles and the output will be an enhanced clarity version of the coconut oil now known as cold pressed coconut oil.
The process elaborated above happens to be the newest and most outstanding manufacturing technique. It enables for high quality oil to be extracted from fresh coconut, in addition to a further processing that rids the oil of any oxidized protein elements, in the oil.

Over the years, a great stride has been made in cold pressed coconut oil manufacturing, in terms of innovation and technological advances. Although cold pressed coconut oil has always lived up to its billing of the highest yield more than any other type of coconut oil, the high heat used in the processing has more often than not left a toasted coconut flavor in addition to bearing a rancid taste on account of the oxidized proteins that remain in the oil.

Benefits of cold pressed coconut oil

Cold pressed coconut oil contains all the natural and healthy properties.  There are several contents that also make it stand. To start with it contains healthy short and medium chain fatty acids (Lauric Acid, caprylic acid and capric acid). It also has significant amounts of vitamins E, K and iron.

Some of the benefits that accrue from cold pressed coconut oil are highlighted below:
  • Cold pressed coconut oil empowers the body’s immune system in order to fight ailments such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, HIV, irritable bowel syndrome and so forth.
  • Cold pressed coconut oil promotes a healthy heart function and keeps the thyroid in great shape. It also gives you the advantage of increased body metabolism as well as increased energy levels.
  • Cold pressed coconut oil intake is attributed to enhanced weight loss as well as maintaining of a healthy weight.
  • Cold pressed coconut oil can be taken daily as a health supplement and to this end, it is recommended that you take 2-4 tablespoons on a daily basis; either orally or directly added to food.
  • When cold pressed coconut oil is put to use topically; it makes for a marvelous skin cream as well as great hair conditioner with deeply penetrative properties. It also offers great relief to skin by correcting conditions such as dermatitis, acne break outs, scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, eczema and so forth.
  • Cold processed coconut oil is the ultimate oil of choice for your cooking and baking needs. It is actually a great substitute for shortening, lard, margarine, butter when it comes to baking.
  • Cold pressed coconut oil can also be used as a health supplements for your pests in addition to treating their skin conditions such as wounds and insect bites, when applied topically.

Differences between cold processed coconut oil and expeller processed

There are a host of differences between cold processed coconut oil and expeller processed coconut oil. They are itemized as follows:
  • Temperature difference; cold pressed coconut oil is processed at low temperatures of 120⁰F or less while expeller processed coconut oil is processed at high temperatures of no more than 210⁰F.
  • Due to the high temperatures used to process expeller coconut oil, it is basically of inferior quality in terms of nutrients compared to cold processed coconut oil. The reason behind this; high temperatures are responsible for the loss of the coconut oil nutrients.  Therefore it is obvious to conclude that cold processed variety is healthier than the expeller one. On the other hand the expeller version of the coconut oil has more beneficial properties than the refined coconut oil, and it is healthier.
  • Cold processed coconut oil has the same price range as the expeller version of the coconut oil or slightly expensive.

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