The Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Everything that exists in this world has a purpose. It might be small or big, regardless of the size it is beneficial in other way. Human by nature are curious of everything that surrounds them. It can be for personal purposes or the other way around. People never get tired of looking for something worth each other. One of the nature’s products is popularly known for its unmeasured benefits that can offer to the consumers like us. This nature’s product refers to coconut oil.

Coconut oil is a product extracted from the kernel of the coconut fruit. It is categorized as edible food which only means that it is safe to be eaten or to be added on food. Typically, it is highly produced in some of the Southeast Asian countries; it is due to the high production of coconut trees grow on these places. Coconut oil plays a vital role on the life of every individual. In fact, the benefits of coconut oil are considered boundless based on the studies conducted by the researchers. Coconut oil has found to rich in vitamins, minerals other nutrients which are good source to have a healthy body. To name some of the benefits of coconut oil are as follows:

Coconut Oil For Your Hair

Hair is very important to us especially to the women because it is considered as the crowning glory of each of us.  Hair makes a person more beautiful and more attractive that is why there is no doubt that there are some who has hair obsession. So, what does coconut oil can give you to achieve hair which looks shiny and healthy glowing hair than before?

Protects hair from lice: lice is a pest which is one of the common problems being encountered by most of the teens. Though, there are available products being sold in the market, it has the tendency to damage your scalp while in coconut oil you will just coat your wet hair with it which can lead you to easily comb your hair and remove the lice on it.

Extensive losing of hair: another common problem of each of us especially to men is the losing of hair. Men when they reach the age of early 30s, they started to have problems with their hair. Coconut oil is best to use for this problem by simply use on hair the mixture of coconut oil and lime water.

Uncontrollable hair damage: coconut oil is abundant of lauric acid that can help you bring back beautiful hair.

Growing number of gray hairs: problems on gray is very common to those who are getting older.
However, coconut oil can help you control this problem by simply mixing a portion of a certain leaf juice into the coconut oil.

Adds fragrance to your hair: coconut oil has a refreshing and revitalizing scent that can add to your shampoo.

Coconut Oil for Skin

Skin is another part of our body that needs extra care. It is one our assets that can make us different from others. Thanks to coconut oil, it offers other benefits to attain smooth and flawless skin that everyone wants to. Here are the other advantages on our skin:

  • Skin moisturizer: coconut oil contains substance that helps to moisturize our skin.
  •  Treatment for skin problems: coconut oil is a best treatment on skin problems like eczema, dermatitis, and other viral infections.
  • It lessens the occurrence of wrinkles : coconut oil contains antioxidant that helps to protect the skin cell from the damage during night time.
  • Coconut oil is the same with other nature’s product which has classification. It is being classified as organic and virgin coconut oil.

How can we differentiate the two from each other?

Virgin coconut oil is very popular for its unprocessed method of extraction. It is merely made from fresh harvest coconut. Its oil is extracted from its white core part of the coconut without undergoing the use of chemicals and heat.  It is not being processed through bleaching and deodorizing of the oil. It is purely on natural method. While, According to other sources organic coconut oil can be both in a form of pure or virgin process. The difference is on how the source of coconut has grown. Those coconut trees also have synthetic fertilizers used. But in this kind of oil they are from coconut trees have grown in organic fertilizers. The extraction method is also the same with the virgin coconut oil. In fact, it is quite hard to identify the differences with the two but this is one thing for sure, they may vary from the source of coconut trees.

Another related term on coconut oil is the oil pulling coconut oil. There are some people states that oil pulling have something to do with your health. Oil pulling has something to do with the swishing of oil into to your mouth which was already practiced almost a decades. It is believed that oil pulling is a best method for oral purposes and for detoxification. Some of the benefits that people can get from oil pulling coconut oil are the following:
  • It helps to strengthen your teeth, tongue, gums and jaw.
  • It can control gum problems like gingivitis and cavities.
  • Remedy from bad breath
  • Remedy for gums bleeding
  • It prevents lip dryness and sore throat.

Here are the additional benefits that can offer by oil pulling in general form:

  • It helps to relieve extreme migraine
  • It helps to correct imbalance of hormones.
  • It helps to maintain the normal function of the kidney
  • It can control the signs of bronchitis
  • It relieves aids’ pain
  • It lessens the indications of allergy
  • It helps to lessen arthritis swelling
  • It is good for detoxifying your body
The benefits that you can get from the coconut oil are truly amazing and undeniable. From the information that we discover from the coconut oil, we can say that the nature has probably giving us all the advantages that we can use to have a healthy way of living. Therefore, we must have the zeal to discover things in our surroundings, provided that we are responsible enough to take good care of them. From the benefits presented by the coconut oil, it is a good sign that we have to start patronizing the use of coconut oils than any other liquid solutions.
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